There are many different reasons to request a psychological evaluation. A psychological evaluation always answers a question.   Some individuals are facing challenges at school, work or in relationships and want to know why.   Some want to learn more about patterns they or other people see.   Other people notice a change in their ability to handle tasks or demands that they handled well before.  Still others feel they need additional supports or accommodations to fully function at their highest levels, want placement in a particular program, or want to know if they qualify for services.

Knowing the answer to the question may provide general piece of mind, help you understand your patterns of functioning better, help guide educational placement or accommodations, define treatment goals and approaches, determine living placements, and provide general next steps and future directions.

We provide a range of testing, including admissions testing, educational, psychoeducational and neuropsychological evaluations, and evaluations of emotions, behaviors, and personality.  The evaluations assess intelligence and cognitive functioning, learning, achievement (reading, writing, math), attention, memory, personality, and emotional/behavioral functioning.

If you are interested in learning how a psychological evaluation can be of benefit to you, please contact our office.